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We live in a world where networking and connections are vitally important. I have over 20  years experience of living and working in the Middle East and during that time I have accumulated a large network of  associates and high value contacts in banks, professional organisations, regulatory bodies together with senior business men and business women.  I also recognise that it is often necessary to call on the experts in a particular field where specialist knowledge is essential for successful strategy implementation and execution. Here are few of the companies that I include in my SME community.

We will help you change the way that your sales team goes about the business of selling. Our solutions are simple and easy to implement.

Established since 1999, based in Dubai, UAE we have been offering Risk Management and Insurance Solutions to businesses and individuals on a wide variety of risks.

Beehive is the UAE’s first online marketplace for peer to peer lending

We work with your existing brand guidelines to create business graphics that make your brand look great.