I am privileged to be working with a small group of clients. Here are some of my customers: Coffee Planet, a Dubai SME 100 company.  I am assisting them with their finance strategy. Bupa Arabia have appointed me as a member of their Audit Committee for the next three years.  Dar Al Etimen have asked me to assist with restructuring their finance company to make them more efficient and competitive. Velo Presto have appointed me as their Financial Advisor.

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We first started our coffee venture in 2005, when the local coffee-landscape in the UAE was very different and somewhat ordinary. Coffee Planet is now a multi-million dollar success story through our own brand and via roasting private label coffee for leading companies across the globe.

Bupa Arabia is the greatest healthcare company in the Arab world. When it touches you, whether you are an employee, a member or a community member, you will live a longer, healthier, happier life.

We look for core values in the people we hire: passionate, open, caring, authentic, accountable, courageous, and extraordinary. Our people share common aspirations, driven by our non-hierarchical environment.  We consistently strive to reflect our values in everything we do – for members and for each other. We have clear goals, rules, and supporting mechanisms.

Dar Aletiman Al Saudi is an independent consumer finance company established in 2007 as a spinoff company of Universal Motor Agencies (“UMA”)’s credit division.Dar Aletiman is currently a Closed Joint Stock Company with a share capital of SAR 100m. It is headquartered in Jeddah with a wide presence across Saudi Arabia through 22 strategically located showrooms in west Region, Eastern Region, South Region and hub-towns across Saudi Arabia.

The Company currently operates as a captive automotive finance entity, providing affordable financing services, including finance lease to UMA’s retail and corporate clients across the Kingdom.

Velo Presto provide mobile bike servicing and bike rentals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They are a team of passionate cyclists with many years of industry experience between them and have fully equipped vans ready to deliver a premium level of service to your doorstep.